Rental Payments
The payment for your rental can be made on line, in advance, via our new system with TAB. Once you have confirmed your dates we create an account for you through TAB and send you a link via email. It is a simple and easy payment system.

TAB charges customers in their home currency, so you don’t have to pay any foreign usage fees (usually 3-5%), ATM fees (usually 3-7% and always limited), or lose money converting the currency (usually 3% or more). Instead, TAB charges a fee of 4%, and this is always clearly shown during the payment process.

We offer two options for on-line payments if the booking is more than a month in advance.

Either, clients can pay 50% payment of the rental in order to secure the booking. The balance will then need to be paid one month before check in – also paid on line via TAB.

OR, guests can simply make the full payment.

If there is less than a month to check in then the full amount will need to be paid.

PLEASE NOTE: All on-line payments incur a $30 or $40 administration fee. $30 up to $999 payment and over $1,000 it is $40.

Any payments paid for in Guatemala will need to be paid for via a bank deposit to a Guatemalan bank account along with the security deposit. The security deposit will then be reimbursed to your bank account within a week of check out.

Security Deposits (Deposits to cover damage, breakages, non payment of bills, and non-fulfillment of contracts)
A security/breakage deposit is requested for every rental period whether a vacation rental or long-term rental. Deposit amounts vary depending on rental period and the individual requirements of the property owner. All are fully-refundable breakage/security deposits that cover damages, breakages, non-payment of bills, and payment of rent if the full notice period is not adhered to (see Cancellation Policies below). The sum of the deposit varies from property to property, but is a minimum of $200, generally $300, or equivalent to a month’s rent for monthly rentals.

We request that you bring your security deposit in dollars cash with you to pay on arrival at check in. It will then be returned to you at check out, following a check of the rental property.


Cancellation by the CLIENT – We strongly advice renter/travellers to get travel and medical insurance before for your trip to Guatemala.

Vacation/Short-Term Rentals

The cancellation of a short-term/vacation rental by the client must be made in writing (email will do). The date received will determine the cancellation penalty. Be sure to state the reason for your cancellation, as you may be covered by your insurance policy. In the cases where we are able to re-fill the booking, this will be taken into consideration.

60 days or more before arrival date                             full refund of rent money paid
Between 59-30 days before arrival date                      50% of rent money paid refunded
29-15 days before arrival date                                       25% of rent money paid refunded
14 days or less before arrival date                                rent money paid forfeited – NO refund.

NO REFUNDS of any kind will be available for no shows, late arrival, or early departure.

Monthly Rentals
On ALL monthly rentals, there is no refund of your security deposit if you leave your rental before your agreed check out date.

NO REFUNDS of any kind will be available for no shows, late arrival, or early departure.

Long-Term Rentals (contracts of 6 months to a year)
ALL long-term rentals will require a legal Guatemalan contract (it will be in Spanish), drawn up by a lawyer here in Panajachel, Guatemala, the price is paid for by the tenant, usually Q200.

Cancellation of a Long-Term Rental by the client must be made in writing (email will do). Notice of termination must be made at least 30 DAYS (1 MONTH) PRIOR TO LEAVING DATE, OR THE NEXT MONTHLY PAYMENT DATE.

Generally, a cancellation fee of 10% is charged for the full remaining rent which will be deducted from the month’s security deposit of the rental agreement.
If less than 30 days’ notice is given then the Security Deposit will be used to cover the rental for the days not completed.

ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE – for this reason we emphasise again that it is extremely important to obtain travel and medical insurance before your travel to Guatemala.

Cancellation by MAYAN LAKE REALTY
In the unlikely event that we have to cancel a booking a FULL REFUND will be made, and we will endeavour to find you alternative and appropriate accommodation.

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