AR-136: Cute, Cosy Studio Apartment For Rent Jucanya, Pana

Monthly Rentals · For Rent
From $300- Available NOW!

From $300/month – Max. a couple – Min. 6 months – AVAILABLE NOW!

This comfortable, studio apartment is one room with a bathroom and a small outdoor terrace space. It is part of a larger house behind, but is totally independent with a private entrance.

Steps lead up to the apartment from the road on to the terrace. The room has a single bed, a small kitchenette area, seating area and off this a bathroom with hot water shower. The other side of the apartment overlooks the main houses’ garden. It is light and cosy.

A perfect bolt hole for a volunteer or someone on a budget. The price however, does not include electricity, gas, nor drinking water. WiFi internet is shared with the main house.

Please contact us for a viewing.

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