CR-128b: Cute, Quiet Retreat Casita in a Lush Oasis Garden, Pana

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From $330/month - Available Jul 2021

From $330/month – Min. 6 months – Available JUL 2021

A cute, but quite spacious, casita built in a Japanese style with lots of wood details. Casita Amarillo offers a light, spacious area to use however suits you. There is a large open plan area accessed through sliding wooden doors from the garden patio. In this space is fireplace and seating area and under a platform accessed by a ladder is a small, but adequate kitchen.

A door leads through into a second room which could either be a bedroom or an office space. Off this room is the bathroom and a separate door leading out into the garden, which is shared with 3 other houses.

On the road heading to the back road out of Pana (Panajachel) on the Jucanya side it provides a quiet, safe residential area that is only a short tuk-tuk ride from the centre of Pana, called Las Manos.

  • Open plan main room with fireplace and small kitchen area
  • Platform for extra bed
  • Second room for office or bedroom
  • Bathroom with shower (gas hot water)
  • Covered Porch
  • Shared garden with 2 other houses, but each has their own privacy
  • Electricity (within reason), WiFi internet, & guardian included

There are two other rentals in this complex: Casa Adobe (2 Bed) & Casa Naranja (1 Bed).


Panajachel, Solola

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