CR-128c: Gorgeous, Quiet, Unusual Casita in Large Shared Garden, Pana

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From $500/month - Available May 21

From $500/month – Min. 6 months – Available May 21

Casa Naranja is on a beautiful property in the Las Manos area of northern Jucanya. It shares a verdant. lush garden with 2 other houses and is built in very natural materials of adobe, wood and bamboo, designed by a local architect.

The entrance brings you into a large, long room. To one end is a bathroom with bath tub! Above this, up steep ladder-like stairs, is the bedroom above the bathroom, with views out of the property and towards the Lake.

A large open-plan kitchen is built for those who enjoy entertaining and then a living area with fireplace leads through to a wooden, covered deck through an unusual circular doorway.

  • Double Bedroom
  • Bathroom with tub
  • Well-equipped kitchen
  • Living area with fireplace
  • Covered, private deck for sitting
  • Shared garden
  • Access to a washing machine once a week
  • Electricity, WiFi, & Gardener included
  • Cable TV can be connected for an extra charge

There are two other rentals in this complex: Casa Adobes & Casita Amarillo


Panajachel, Solola

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