CR-156: Gorgeous Studio Casita For Rent Central Pana

Monthly Rentals · For Rent
From $390/month - Available NOW!

From $390 or Q3,000/month – Min. 6 months – 1 person or a couple – AVAILABLE NOW!

This gem of a casita is hidden in the centre of Pana just a few steps from Calle Santander. It is fully-equipped and all inclusive except gas and drinking water. Situated in a large private property it has its own patio area with large windows looking out over lush, well-kept gardens.

This beautifully decorated casita has an open-plan living, eating and bedroom area with a kitchen off to one end and a bathroom with shower with gas hot water.

The kitchen does not have an oven but it does have gas ring/hobs and a microwave.

Included: electricity, WiFi, Cable TV (if required).

Not included: Gas, drinking water

We are sorry but no pets

For further details or to view the casita please contact us.


Calle Santander 405, Panajachel 07010, Guatemala

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