CR-158: Cute, Central, 1.5-Bedroom Home For Rent in Panajachel

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$550/month - Available end of MID-MAY '23

From $550/month – Max. 2 people – Min. 6 months

For Rent, long term in a very central but quiet part of Panajachel, is this cute, newly built, 1.5-bedroom home with garden. The house is entered from a side street off Calle Principal into a large, leafy garden area (there is no parking available onsite). A very large, covered terrace is at the front of the house with huge sliding doors to the main room enabling wonderful inside/outside living. A door then leads into the main, open-plan room with a well-thought-out kitchen, dining, even living area. This double story room is very light thanks to the large sliding doors to the covered terrace and garden beyond, as well as skylights in the roof.

Off to the side is the lower room which can be a living room or a second bedroom (but not private due to stairs up to main bedroom above). This space then leads into the bathroom with a solar hot water shower. There is another door from the bathroom leading into a service area between it and round into the kitchen area. At this point there is another door which leads outside to the back of the house with a service area, a pila, and space to put in a washer and dryer if tenants wish. The Solar hot water tank is here too, and the switch to change to electricity when several days without sun (this happens infrequently maybe in hard part of rainy season Sept/Oct generally.)

In the lower room are some narrow, ladder-like stairs to the main bedroom above, which is also very light and has a half bath. Built in closets/wardrobes are in the process of being added to main bedroom. This lower room could also be used as an office.

There is space and air around the whole house which means that during the rainy season it is very unlikely to suffer from humidity/damp. 

  • 1.5 Bedrooms (1 with half bath – 2nd can be living space / office as well)
  • Fitted Kitchen (hot water in the kitchen sink)
  • Pantry Area
  • Large, covered Terrace
  • Pila and area for washer/dryer behind the house
  • Spacious Garden
  • Solar Hot water
  • No internet connected yet – but this can easily be done
  • No parking, but space for a moto or bicycle

The price is flexible depending on if the house is rented partially, or fully furnished. Currently the house is partially furnished.

Please contact us for further information and for a viewing.


PRVR+9PM, Panajachel, Guatemala

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