CR-2004b: Cute 1-Bed Casita on Gorgeous Property, Sta Cruz

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From $525/month - Availability

From $525/month – Min. 1 month – Max. 2 – Availability

A cute little casita with 1 bedroom, but a large, fully-equipped kitchen, including a pizza oven! This is an ideal place for those who love cooking, but also just hanging out and enjoying the laid-back life of Lake Atitlan. The shower and toilet are in separate structures, and there is even a sauna to ease away the aches and pains from all the great hiking there is around Santa Cruz and the lake area.

Set in quiet and very beautiful gardens, part of which are shared with the larger house on the property, but some of the garden are private to the main house. There is a separate entrance way.

It is very centrally located in the centre of Santa Cruz, just a couple of minutes’ walk up from the public dock. Santa Cruz is just a 10-15 min boat ride from the main town and transport hub of Lake Atitlan, Panajachel or Pana as it is known locally.

Santa Cruz is one of the most popular villages for foreigners to rent or live in. You will find a friendly ex-pat community along with the always friendly and hospitable Santa Cruz Guatemalans.

  • 1 Double bedroom
  • 1 outside but covered seating and dining area
  • 1 large, fully-equipped kitchen with pizza oven!
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Outdoor Toilet
  • Gardens – some private, some shared.
  • Meditation garden
  • Electricity & Internet included
  • Drinking water and gas not included
  • No pets

There are nearby hotels with restaurants, swimming, kayaking, hiking, & visits to other villages are very easy. Grocery stores, banks and market in Pana. There is however, a good small small’ Market up in the village.

Santa Cruz is only accessible by boat.

Please be sure to bring a good, strong flash light/torch with you in order to move around after dark as there is no street lighting, but please assured that Santa Cruz is a safe and secure place.


Santa Cruz, Solola

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