CR-801a: Cute Studio Casita on Lake-Front Property with views, nr San Marcos

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From $450/month - Available from May 21

From $450/month – Min. 1 month – Max. 2 people – Available from May 21

Casita Maguey is a cosy, comfy casita, just outside of San Marcos. It is set in lush, colourful gardens and built of tradition adobe bricks. The property is an approx. 15-20 min walk from central San Marcos, and there is direct lake access and a private dock.

The property is peaceful and secure, but close to all the great restaurants, bars, cafes and treatment clinics in San Marcos, and only a 35-45 min boat ride from the main transport hub and shopping/banking town of Panajachel (Pana).

This casita is the largest of the three main rentals on the property. It has a large living area with a loft area with a double bed. Beneath this is a fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom with shower. Outside there is a small terrace for sipping rich Guatemalan coffee in the mornings and a cool cocktail as the sunsets!

Set on a series of terraces some 200 steps up from the lake, this casita is one of three with some of the very best views of the Lake and the volcanoes! Each house if furnished and fully-equipped.
There is road access to San Marcos, but pretty much everyone arrives at Lake Atitlan via Pana, and from there you get one of the public boats (lanchas) that ply back and forth every day from 6am to approx. 5-6pm.


  • 1 Bedroom (up ladder to mezzanine level)
  • 1 Bathroom
  • 1 person or a couple
  • Open plan living & kitchen area (no oven)
  • Private covered porch with view
  • Private dock
  • Road access too

For information on the other casita, please click here: CASITA JOCOTE CR-801b – Click here

Information on 3rd Casita to come!


San Marcos, Solola

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