CR-804: Three Gorgeous, One-Bed, Studio Apts in San Marcos with Fabulous Views

Monthly Rentals · For Rent
From $530/month - May-Oct ONLY

Min. 1 month – Max. a couple – From Q4,000 / $530 / month

Generally only available by the month during May-Oct (the rainy season), otherwise subject to availability

Just up into the hills of San Marcos are 3, recently completed, 1-Bedroom Apartments for rent; all have been carefully and stylishly decorated and furnished for maximum comfort along with beautiful attention to detail. These are the perfect rentals for visitors coming for just a month or two, as well as those seeking a comfortable and value-for-money, long-term rental.

LAS ARTISTAS –  1 person or a couple

The smallest of the three apartments, this circular room has been ingeniously designed to provide everything you need from a studio apartment in a small space. The full-size bed and wardrobe space take up half the space and provide amazing views out across the valley of San Marcos to the Lake beyond. The back half is divided into two, providing a fully-equipped kitchenette in one quatre and a bathroom with shower in the other.

LAS SALVAJES – 1 person or a couple

This more spacious studio apartment is on the lower level of the three-level structure on this property. The fully-equipped kitchen is by the door then there is a living area off to the left with a few steps down into a semi-circular space, again with almost floor to ceiling windows where a Queen bed is. The view may mean you never get out of bed! A small bathroom with shower is just off this.

LAS GITANAS – 1 person or a couple

Accessed from behind the building across a funky hanging bridge is this third apartment. The fully-equipped kitchen is in the entrance way which leads to the bedroom area and bathroom with shower, and then again down a few steps into a living area with sofa, table, hammock and further large windows providing yet more amazing views out over San Marcos and beyond to the volcanoes.

Las Artistas and Las Salvajes can be connected to make a two-bedroom apartment. And the above Las Gitanas can also be added to give 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms! Please ask for prices and availability for these combination.

ALL utilities are included: electricity, WiFi internet and Gas. Water is filtered and each kitchen has a drinking water tap/faucet.

There is a night guardian who sleeps on the property. There is a manager to help with house-related issues during your stay.


Please Contact Us for current prices, which vary depending on month.

Please note we try to keep all our information as up to date as possible, BUT all details are subject to change without us being informed by property owners.


San Marcos la Laguna, Lake Atitlan

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